Align Your Vision for Diversity & Inclusion

Designing and Facilitating Priorities to Build, Enhance and Strengthen an Inclusive Culture

We help organizations who are looking to start or evolve their diversity and inclusion strategy by designing and facilitating priorities to build, enhance and strengthen an inclusive culture.

At ELS Consulting we help our clients explore and re-examine systemic long standing policies and programs that create greater equity within the organization. Examples include exploring interviewing, hiring, promotion, mentoring, enrollment, leadership training, compensation, advancement and other policies and practices that solve for greater equity outcomes within the organization.

Inclusive Excellence

Optimal success in designing and developing a diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy begins with an inspired vision for success. Our team can help you begin by aligning your D&I vision to the organization’s core values, leadership guiding principles, and ensuring top-down and bottom-up support.
It is critically important to assess how you are doing, identifying what is important, and focusing on a critical list of priorities to improve. Whether you are looking to get started or kick start your efforts to that next level, we can help you put a plan in place to ensure optimal success.


Leadership & Organizational Development and Executive Coaching

Leadership begins with living and working with authenticity, transparency and in alignment with your foundational core values and life purpose. Our team works with organizational leaders to awaken their leadership core values, through executive and management coaching, team building and meeting facilitation.

Strategic Planning

A viable and successful diversity and inclusion plan require careful planning and an inspired vision. We can design an inspired strategic plan that will align your D&I priorities to what is most important to your overall organization’s vision for success.

Higher Education

ELS provides customized inclusive consultation for higher education institutions. Our services are based on your institutional needs. We offer consulting services in many higher education areas including, Inclusive Enrollment Management, Inclusive Enrollment Marketing, and Developing a Hispanic Serving Institution Strategy for your organization.

Are you ready to build an inclusive workplace culture?