Inclusive Excellence

“Eduardo’s unique blend of leading edge best practices and skillful change management techniques serve as a great resource for any company looking to start or take their diversity and inclusion efforts to the next level. He was instrumental in helping Intuit design, develop and build the foundation for our diversity and inclusion strategy that is considered by many to be best in class. I had the privilege of working alongside Eduardo and a group of Intuit senior executives as we endeavored to architect a tops-down and bottoms-up D&I strategy that accelerated business outcomes while cultivating an engaged and inclusive work environment. Without reservation, I enthusiastically recommend Eduardo to any company who is looking to start or evolve their diversity and inclusion efforts.”

– Brad D. Smith, Executive Chairman, Intuit

“Eduardo is a pioneer and architect in the field of diversity and inclusion. As a former Chief Executive Officer, I partnered with Eduardo to build the diversity and inclusion programs at Silicon Graphics. Eduardo and I worked together to launch the African American Network at Intuit and assisted in coaching and mentoring several African-American executives. Eduardo in collaboration and partnership with senior executives at Intuit helped design and build an end to end D&I strategy that is considered by many to be a model in corporate America.

Eduardo would be a value-added asset to any organization looking to start or enhance their HR and inclusive excellence strategic initiatives.”

– Ken Coleman, Chairman, EIS Group

Leadership & Organizational Development
and Executive Coaching

“Eduardo worked for me as the Associate Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer for Saint Mary’s College of California where he was responsible for providing end to end leadership for the Human Resources function. During Eduardo’s tenure at Saint Mary’s, he led the development of several strategic organizational transformation initiatives for the college. Some of his accomplishments included leading and implementing several cabinet level strategic planning initiatives, including the development of a campus-wide workforce planning model that generated significant labor cost savings in its first year of operation. Eduardo also provided leadership on the College’s Inclusive Excellence Committee, Labor Management Committee, Hiring for Mission Task Force and several other programs designed to provide quality outcomes for the college.

Eduardo would be a value added asset to any organization looking to start or enhance their HR and inclusive excellence strategic initiatives.”

– Pete A. Michell, Former CFO Saint Mary's College of California

“As the Associate Vice President of Human Resources, Eduardo led the development of several key strategic programs at Saint Mary’s College. During my time as Provost, Eduardo played a key role in the President’s strategic planning task force, co-chairing the Mission integration and Affordability / Workforce Planning groups to establish key institutional priorities. Eduardo was also a strategic partner to my staff, providing organizational development, executive coaching, and strategic planning for several schools and departments. Eduardo played a key role on the College Committee for Inclusive Excellence; under his leadership and in partnership with the Provost’s office, he helped design and provide diversity and inclusion training for faculty and staff across campus. Eduardo enjoyed a stellar reputation with both deans and academic administrators.

Although Eduardo reported directly to the CFO, he was a key partner to the Provost’s leadership team. Eduardo’s many years of experience, background, and expertise in higher education and with high technology companies in Silicon Valley make him a valuable consultant.”

– Dr. Beth Dobkin, President, Westminster College

“Brad was my technical team lead for 1.5 years and then my manager for 8 years. During that time, my technical, leadership, and organizational skills grew tremendously, and I attribute that growth to the positive, inclusive environment that Brad fostered, the outstanding team that Brad assembled, and the mix of projects and leadership opportunities that Brad assigned to me.

It is difficult to describe exactly how he does it, but Brad’s demeanor puts people at ease, and he rapidly builds trust. He follows through on his commitments and is a supportive leader who fights for his team when needed but also sets challenging, yet attainable goals. Brad is an outstanding listener, and I always felt that he took the time to understand the obstacles I was facing and to help empower me to find solutions. Brad built an efficient, diverse, self-directed team, and our productivity and business results reflected this. We all had opportunities to grow and be recognized, and the work environment was excellent. Brad never micromanaged the team; he used clear communication to explain the high-level strategy and goals and then he worked diligently to get us the resources we needed and to remove any bureaucratic barriers.

I think any organization could benefit from Brad’s insights into effective management, leadership development, team building, and skill retention. I cannot think of anyone I would recommend more highly.”

– Sam Connor, Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM

I worked for Brad for almost 3 years when I was a Senior Manager of the System Development team at IBM Taiwan System and Technology Lab. Brad is a respected leader who focused on the team and the projects at the same time. He is a trusted manager who always supported his team members and found ways to help whenever there was a need. He also showed enthusiasm in identifying and developing future leaders. Brad also spent time and effort building productive team environments and fostered an inclusive team environment. It was a great pleasure and valuable experience for me to have worked with Brad.

– Lily Chen, Dell Senior Manager for Software Engineering and System Development

Strategic Planning

I first met Eduardo while at Intuit and found him to be an outstanding business partner and joint stakeholder in every regard. He has been a “champion” of diversity, inclusion and belonging ever since I have known him. He is well versed in creating a safe, ethical and inclusive work environment and has demonstrated mastery of strategy through end-to-end execution. He loves to learn, gain inspiration from others and is innovative in his approach. He is open to trying and testing new things in this ever-changing world we live in. Eduardo is an amazing colleague and individual and has an excellent brand with lots of heart. In fact, while at Intuit he received the VIP (Vision, Impact, Partnership) recognition for his diversity and inclusion outcomes. The combination of a high level of HR expertise, business experience, work in the diversity space and collaborative nature make him an asset to any organization or team.

– Deborah Garrett, HR Executive - MBA, SPHR, ICF, AWI CH

It was my greatest privilege to work with Eduardo on some of Intuit’s greatest achievements in Diversity and Inclusion especially in the development of Employee Networks. His strategic knowledge of Diversity and Inclusion was an asset to me personally as I learned a great deal about how to effectively shift a culture’s mindset concerning Diversity. I highly recommend Eduardo as a critical resource for developing Diversity and Inclusion strategies that create business value and strategic growth opportunities. He has proven strategic leadership skills and a tremendous heart and spirit. Eduardo is an enabler and would be a valuable partner to achieve significant success in any endeavor.

– Raul Almazan Sr. Manager, Engineering Learning & Talent Management

Eduardo was instrumental in helping me develop a strategic planning roadmap for the Enrollment Management Division at Santa Clara University. He served as an executive coach and trusted organizational ally to help me design, facilitate and identify a strategic planning roadmap with three (3) strategic units within my organization. They included Admissions, Financial Aid and One-Stop Enrollment Services Center. Eduardo led the needs assessment, design and facilitation of several strategic organizational transformation initiatives that included cross unit communication and collaboration, strategic campus partnerships, technology enhancements and diversity, equity and inclusion. He also provided executive coaching and guidance in helping me communicate a enrollment management vision, mission, core values and key strategic priorities for the next 3-5 years. I without reservation, wholeheartedly recommend Eduardo to any institution looking to design, facilitate and deliver a strategic planning process and focused priorities designed to transform and align an organizational culture.

– Eva Blanco Masias, Vice President, Enrollment Management, Santa Clara University