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Working with organizational leaders to awaken their leadership core values, through executive and management coaching, team building and meeting facilitation.

At ELS Diversity and Inclusion Consulting, we use a proactive needs assessment process. By identifying inclusive leadership capabilities and designing strategies and priorities, our clients are able to engage and commit leaders to not only build but sustain an inclusive and engaged office culture. Our goal is to help people, teams, and organizations reach their full potential through our value-added proposition. Through ELS, we help to identify and build inclusive leadership competencies, align D&I to current organizational mechanisms and identify a focused set of critical few priorities designed to help the organization grow.


Our goal is to help people, teams, and organizations reach their full potential through the development of inclusive workplace cultures.

When working with our clients, we use a proactive needs assessment process. We identify inclusive leadership capabilities and design strategies/priorities to engage and commit leaders to build and sustain an inclusive and engaged workplace culture. Specific strategies include beginning with a comprehensive needs assessment process, identifying committed leadership competencies and communities, designing and facilitating strategic planning retreats and identify outcomes and priorities for the future. We also align diversity and inclusion priorities to mechanisms that are important to the organization. Examples include aligning D&I to executive operational reviews, behavioral interviewing and talent mobility mechanisms, performance appraisals, management and employee training and job descriptions.


Specializing in strategic planning and leadership / organizational development for ERGs.

We specialize in strategic planning and leadership/organizational development for Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). We have led the development of ERG strategic planning retreats for Intuit, Silicon Graphics, Santa Clara University, Apple Computer, and Pacific Gas and Electric, and many others.

Equality-Equity-Liberation - National Academy of Medicine


We all have a basic need to belong, to feel part of a group, organization, department, or team. The greater we belong, the more we contribute, feel empowered, take more risks and make a positive impact on the organization.

Examples of belonging exist in the formation and adoption of Employee Resource Groups, where women, people of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQ, faith-based groups, and other historically marginalized communities can come together to create a sense of belonging and shared purpose. We all have a deep need to connect. The more we belong, the greater we perform, contribute, connect, become engaged, and aligned with what is most important to the organization and to the team.

At ELS Consulting, we actively explore opportunities to create a sense of belonging with our clients. We help our clients develop strategies and priorities to create cultures of shared identity, shared values, and the ability to have all employees bring their whole selves to work.


Equity can be defined as the treatment of people according to what they need and deserve. The image above is a great example of the difference between equality, equity and liberation.*

*Barrett-Koehler, Black Fatigue, How Racism Erodes the Mind, Body and Spirit, Mary Francis Winters


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